Mindy Kaling In Mindy Project Is Secretly A Dartmouth Graduate


She is considered to be one of the celebrities in the world who is secretly smart. Mindy Kaling, known for her role as Mindy in the Mindy Project, is a comedic genius. She produces shows, directs, acts and she is also a Dartmouth graduate.

She is, according to Brit, secretly smart AF. Mindy Kaling is known for her work on Fox and Hulu - the Mindy Project but she also serves as a show runner for NBC's The Office. While she is known for being the title character, she is actually a graduate of Buckingham Browne & Nichols. It is a private school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She graduated from that school in 1997.

The comedienne then entered Dartmouth College in the following year. She dabbled in an improv comedy troupe called The Dog Day Players. She also joined an a cappella group called The Rockapellas. Practicing her writing skills, she joined The Dartmouth, the college's newspaper. She became the school's humor magazine writer, too. Graduating from Darthmouth, she recevied her bachelor's degree in playwriting. She was a classics major during her tenure in college. She also studied Latin. At 19, she interned at Late Night with Conan O'Brien. She said she was a terrible intern, "less of a 'make copies' intern and more of a 'stalk Conan' intern."

Little did she know that her skill in writing will come in handy one day. After graduating, her first job in Brooklyn was a production assistant. She called it a depressing time when she was working with john Edward's psychic show called Crossing over. On the side, she began doing stand up comedy in New York City. Little did she know that her portrayal of Ben Affleck in Matt & Ben would become a surprise hit and eventually named as Time's Top 10 Theatrical Events of the Year.

Her passion for writing and humor led her to become one of the most successful women in Hollywood. And as Hollywood would say, the rest is history.

Want to know more Mindy Kaling facts? Check out her interview with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres below:

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