Craig Newmark Net Worth: Successful Entrepreneur With Degree In Computer Science


Those who made it big when the internet started to rise had the opportunity to gain momentum. One of the most successful entrepreneurs during that time was Craig Newmark.

You may not have heard of him but his name is synonymous with Craigslist. After all, he is the founder of the internet website platform. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, according to Rasmussen, learning about Newmark's path is something you can learn from.

Currently, he has a net worth of around $400 million. He came from a rags to riches background. His mother struggled to raise Craig and his sibling, Jeff, when their father died. In the future, this led him to earn a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and eventually a Master's Degree in Computer Science.

Craig Newmark was born in 1952. He is considered to be one of America's best entrepreneurs. Many know of the San Francisco-based international website called Craigslist. And it would not have happened if he did not get the education he needed to succeed.

He graduated from Morristown High School in 1971. Because of his educational achievements, he was able to gain scholarships. These scholarships enabled him to attend college at Case Western Reserve University. In 1975, he received his Bachelor's degree. Two years later, he received his Master's degree.

After college, he worked for IBM for 17 years as a programmer. Later on, in 1993, he worked for Charles Schwab. He was introduced to the Internet for the first time. At the time, the internet was still ad-free. Craigslist was a marketplace which was free. It enabled people to come together and exchange information.

Until now, the website is still active and Newmark remains with Craigslist. He continues to deal with spammers. He also acknowledges the need for charity work. Which is why he organized Craigconnects.

Watch the video below to listen to Craig Newmark's vision of the future:

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