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Watch Out For ‘No Man’s Sky’ 1.05, Series Of Patches, [WARNING] It’s Not Free; Underwater Planet Walkthrough Gameplay Techniques Revealed [VIDEO]


"No Man's Sky" 1.05 has rolled out, while other patch notes as recent updates are available. The PS4 update weighs 35MB only, but only includes brief notes  about the update. The "No Man's Sky" DLC, which was previously announced to come in the form of patches on the other hand will not come for free.

"No Man's Sky" co-founder and managing director Sean Murray revealed that his previous comments were naive. Murray in an interview said that he could no longer discount the possibility of having a paid DLC, Daily Star Online reported. Previously, Murray has said that they wanted to add more features to the game like freighters, bases, and more and that they would want to do it for free. "No, there will be no paid DLC, just patches," he announced to the delight of fans who were waiting for "No Man's Sky" DLC.

In the previous week, Hello Games said that since the game was purchased, there should  be no need to pay even more money to get "No Man's Sky" DLC, Red Bull reported. Fans greeted the news with mixed reactions. Some fans were willing to pay for "No Man's Sky" DLC if it proves to be worth the money. However, others felt that Hello Games have just shown that they are not really true to their words.

Murray did not announce that there will be charges for "No Man's Sky" DLC. However, he thought that future events might make it necessary for them to charge; saying that they could not possibly afford making certain features without charges. He admitted to perhaps being naïve in the previous comment of free DLC patches.

"No Man's Sky" DLC will be available soon. The first is said to be released this week for PC and PS4 to fix the urgent and critical issues that gamers are having trouble with in the game.

"No Man's Sky" DLC new patch is also in the works that is expected to have capabilities of building bases and owning giant space freighters. Another patch will also be released next week to improve gaming experience. Watch the "No Man's Sky: Underwater Planet" walkthrough gameplay  here.

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