One Pint of Beer Improves Heart Health, Study


Drinking just one pint of beer a day improves the flow of blood and heart function, according to a latest finding by researchers from Harokopio University, Athens.

"Beer acutely improves parameters of arterial function and structure, in healthy non-smokers. This benefit seems to be mediated by the additive or synergistic effects of alcohol and antioxidants and merits further investigation," the study said.

The new revelations published in the journal, 'Nutrition' is in accordance with previous studies that state that moderate beer consumption minimizes the risk of heart disease. The new study further claims that, a pint of beer a day lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes by 30 percent.

Perhaps, the students of Birmingham have taken the findings a bit too seriously. The city was named "Britain's booziest city for university students after a study on spending habits was conducted by the shopping site 'My Voucher Codes.'

 "Alcohol isn't cheap but that doesn't stop many ­dedicating a large chunk of their weekly budget to it. But making sure they spend within their limits is vital," Mike Pearson, spokesman said.

The study that included 2,115 students, roughly aged 18, revealed that students in Birmingham spent an average $101.34 every week on booze.

Manchester fared in second in the list with an average spending of $94.23, followed by London spending $91.05, Plymouth with $77.69 and Bournemouth on fifth spot with $70.95.

Here is list featuring the remaining five booziest student towns and cities in Britain:

6. Nottingham - $61.87

7. Leeds - $56.61

8. Bristol - $53.36

9. Liverpool - $46.37

10. Southampton - $42.35

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