Rio Olympics Athletes Dare to Queue! There's Something Bigger, More Popular than The Gold Medal


Win or lose, the world's best athletes reward themselves with McNuggets, Big Macs and large fries.

The Rio Olympics 2016 foods that athletes love most

While this seems in contrast to what these athletes are supposed to be eating; McDonalds freebies seem to be something the Olympians would dare to queue.

These athletes didn't mind snaking outside the McDonald's counter to get their hands on free burgers and nuggets. Theoretically, athletes should not eat junk foods but they are just humans and this is something that 'breaks the monotony' - according to Kevin Cordes, American gold medalist in 4 x 100 medley relay. Cordes admitted to eat burger before the race. It helped him feel relaxed.

In another line, diver Mohad Ishak from Egypt and Alexander Radovic from Montenegro water polo confessed how the food in the village weren't good. Ishak who ate two burgers also brought back fries for his coach. Kayla Harrison, judoka who won the gold medal for America in back-to-back judo, rewarded herself with McFlurry and a Big Mac.

Binge eating that erased the sadness of losing a match in Rio Olympics 2016

Australian shuttler, Sawan Serasinghe, who had to eat clean finally gave up and ordered 22 items on the menu. Serasinghe who lost the battle against Chinese Taipei posted his binge-eating on Facebook and thanked everyone for their ongoing supports, JOE wrote.

McDonald's is a long time sponsor for Olympics and the free factor might just make the Olympians dare to wait in a long queue. And not just the Big Macs, these athletes are spoilt with other freebies such as Coke and chocolate bars. Not to mention the entertainment features that include hair dresser, nail spa and cinema. Another popular free stuff is the endless supply of free condoms, Time reported.

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