Huawei Honor 8 News and Release Date: Honor 8 Arrives In US, Costs $350 For Pre-order[VIDEO]

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With the success of the "Honor 7" smartphone, China's smartphone juggernaut, "Huawei" has done it again, with their latest model, the "Honor 8." With features that are similar to that of a premium smartphone, Huawei seems to know the fomula on how to make their products competitive with big companies that launch premium phones, without needing  to charge customers with premium prices.

Huawei's first dual camera smartphone, Honor 8 has arrived in the United States. Users can buy this device for $350 if they preorder, CNET reported.

Honor 8 arrived in the U.S. and some people who have seen the device described as "smooth" and it is a very nice looking phone. This device is the first smartphone with dual camera of Huawei.

What makes the Honor 8 look glamorous is it is glass-backed smartphone with a 5.2-inch full HD display. The glass back feature could be more of aesthetics purpose.

According to Huawei, the glass back feature is the result 15 different steps in the manufacturing process, which include coating, adding optical films, and polishing. The reflective layer on top of the glass creates different light patterns on the phone, according to The Verge.

On a much different note, worldwide, Huawei is the third largest smartphone manufacturer and seller. Only Samsung and Apple trumps Huawei in terms of smartphone sale. But the Chinese company can hardly break into the the US market, because most customers still go to carrier stores every two years in order to line up and endure a lot of paperwork just to pay an absurd amount of money for a new smartphone. Huawei's Honor 8 will not be in any Verizon store, and it will not be a part of a contract. It is just priced at $400, or a customer can simply just pay $450 to get more storage. It is as simple as  click, buy and end your transaction. That is the reason why its price is so reasonable.

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