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What Happen When Microsoft and MIT Researchers Create Temporary Tattoos? It Must be Fashionably Hi-Tech!


When researchers at MIT Media Lab partner up with Microsoft Research, they develop DuoSkin - a temporary tattoo that can be the future of fashionably hi-tech accessories. What does it do?

DuoSkin - the hi-tech tattoo developed by MIT and Microsoft researchers

It's got sensors and connective elements embedded in the temporary tattoos to control inputs for your smartphone. Just like a wearable gear, the tattoo can turn up the music volume and change colors, too.

Tiny components inside the temporary tattoo, DuoSkin

Based on stimulus like body temperature, the tattoo can actually be used as a storage for your data and transmit information to another device. It is also aesthetically pleasing with futuristic pattern designed in metallic color. The video below explains how someone can design the circuit, layer on the gold leave and apply the tattoo on the skin.

The team explains in their research paper that tattoo has become more like jewelry these days. It is an opportunity to create something that blends fashion and functionality.

"There's no fashion statement greater than to change how your skin looks," Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao claims. One of the research authors stated that there is a growing interest in affordable street-fashion, like flash tattoos, that can instantly transform your appearance. DuoSkin is inspired by it and wants to be part of that trend but with a technological twist.

DuoSkin temporary tattoo features

Using the gold leaves, researchers created three classes of devices. The tattoo can be used as touchpad or button to input information. The on-skin device can also become output display as its colors's changed, based on the person's mood based on the body's temperature. According to RT, the temporary tattoo can be used as communication device, storing data and transfer it to another device using NFC.

Microsoft and MIT researchers believe in the potential of on-skin electronic devices. DuoSkin has proven that a device can also function as a body accessory.

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