MacBook Pro 2016 Rumored To Feature OLED Touch Panel And A Jaw-Dropping New Design; Does This Hint The Death Of MacBook Air?

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Rumor mills continue to churn a slew of speculations around the MacBook Air 2016 hinting a possibility that Apple could dump the aforementioned line of ultraportable notebook computers this year citing its focus on the MacBook Pro.

The impending MacBook Pro is rumored to boast an array of awe-inspiring features coupled with a jaw-dropping new design.

Citing the absence of an augmented MacBook Air for quite a long time, Apple has reportedly decided to end the production of the series rather than revamping it. This move probably comes in the wake of the fact that the MacBook Air lineup makes quite insignificant sales as compared to the Retina MacBook Pro.

This upholds Apple's decision to concentrate on the Retina MacBook Pro. Moreover, there is a high possibility that the MacBook Pro 2016 will come with an all-new design, Apple Insider reported.

The design is rumored to be slimmer and lighter keeping in trend with the company's tradition of making their devices thinner yet packed with every physical upgrade. In addition, the new MacBook Pro is likely to come with four type-C USB ports without a MagSafe.

The strategy is to ensure the new gadget could offer data and power through the USB just like the 12-inch MacBook. But that's not all, the revamped MacBook Pro would boast an Apple Pencil integrated with an engaged trackpad too.

The Apple Pencil, which debuted last year, would sport a couple of sensor-active opposing ends and an extended body. Furthermore, the laptop will pack a 5K Thunderbolt display and an integrated GPU.

The purported device is rumored to pack an Intel Skylake processor paired with 8 GB of RAM and a mammoth 1 TB hard disk for storage. The 2016 MacBook Pro is further speculated to include an OLED touch bar coupled with an integrated fingerprint sensor.

Aside from discarding the line of function buttons, the integrated fingerprint sensor would come in handy while accessing the device.

If rumors proved to be true, the MacBook Pro would come with the ability to identify its users via their apple watch, unlocking automatically as soon as the user is in a specific range, Mobile&Apps reported.

While the purported 2016 MacBook Pro is slated to hit the store shelves sometime in November, optimistic MacBook fanatics are expecting features of the laptop to surface online ahead of its launch.

The video clip below gives a sneak peek at what to expect with the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016.

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