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First Reprogrammable Quantum Computer Has Been Created; Capable Of Running Three Basic Programs [VIDEO]


The first reprogrammable quantum computer had been created on Wednesday by the researchers at the Joint Quantum Institute at the University of Maryland.

The newly developed quantum computer is capable of running three basic programs. The machine makes use of the power from five qubits, Motherboard reported.

This advancement in a more complex way of computing and manipulating data is leaps beyond from the current computers. The quantum computer is still relatively simple, with its 5-qubit processor, but it has already surpassed what the current generation computers are able to output, in terms of speed.

The prototype unveils a new direction where quantum computing will be able to pursue. It may even make its way into the average household in the near future.

A conventional computer has the computing accuracy of 98 percent, but it can easily drop to as low as 65 percent when faced with an encryption algorithm. Meanwhile, the researchers claim that in quantum computing, the machine ranks a 99 percent accuracy rating, Phys reported.

The team of researchers were able to manipulate the particles by use of laser beams pointed at each particle, which are bound in a quantum entanglement and suspended between a linear trap of electrodes.

The quantum computer distances itself from the conventional computer by somewhat dropping the binary state of manipulating data, instead the prototype makes use of 5 particles in a quantum state.

A conventional computer manipulates and interprets sets of data in two sates, which are either a "0" or a "1," in contrast, as the quantum law dictates, the particles in a quantum state can "suspend" and be either of the two - at the same time, , according to The Wall Street Journal.

This allows for an exponentially powerful computing process, which has the promising potential to surpass conventional computers within years, once the new computing "language" can be fully understood.

The quantum state in which the atomic particles are in allows for it to store complex data using only a few particles. This shows great promise on where the world of computing will be able to venture. Just a few years ago, it was deemed almost impossible; or highly improbable.

The first prototype proved that quantum computing is quite possible, and that the challenge, besides that it would mean translating a new set of computing "language," but also the engineering complexity it demands.

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