French Mother Arrested for Taking English Exam On Behalf of Daughter


Mothers are generally willing to do anything for their children. A 52-year-old French mother did exactly the same thing, but took it a notch too high.

Police have arrested Caroline D., the mother of a 19-year-old student, Laetitia, at a Paris high school on Wednesday, for attempting to sit in an English exam on behalf of her daughter.  Caroline was dressed in Converse boots and low-waist skinny jeans and wore thick makeup to the baccalaureate exam to resemble her daughter.

'Le Bac' -- the final exam for all French high school students is usually taken by people of all age groups. Caroline could have successfully deceived the invigilators at the exam, but luck did not favor her that day.

The invigilator, who previously knew the teenager through the philosophy paper she took earlier that week, realized the fraud within two hours of the three-hour examination and alerted the principal. When the school officials approached the local police, they quietly pulled the woman out of the exam hall in order to avoid disturbing the others, taking the test.

"A confrontation during the exam could have disturbed the other candidates and turned into a reason to cancel the test for everyone," said a spokesman for Bossuet Notre-Dame School in Paris.

After being taken into custody, Caroline admitted to the cheating. She said that she wanted to better her daughter's score on the English section of the baccalaureate. She now faces fraud charges and her daughter might be banned from taking any public exam for five years.

According to Europe 1, this is the first fraud case of the year's baccalaureate exam period. The multi-subject baccalaureate exam was introduced by Napoleon in 1808, which is considered an entrance exam. Students need to pass with certain grades to enroll at any university in the country.

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