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Surface Pro 5 Specs, Rumors: Leak Says Release Date Pushed Back although Surface Pro 4 Price Discounted


We have investigated all the rants and speculations on Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and here's the possible release scehdule of the hybrid laptop!

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 gets discount

It somehow becomes a culture that when the previous device generation gets discount, it hints on the next generation arrival.

The Surface Pro 4 is reportedly priced at $649.95 on eBay for its 128 GB model. It was $899.99 on its launch. TheCountyCaller said that it's an unusual move but it could hint on getting rid the stocks before the release of Surface Pro 5.

However, the Surface Pro 4 price that's heavily slashed, may not shed light to Surface Pro 5 release this year and here's why!

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 released pushed to 2017

Microsoft is supposed to release Surface Pro 5 this year with more upgraded specs expected. However, the new rants seem to point on the 2017 release date because the company still needs to wait for the 7th generation chip, Kaby Lake processor. Lately, Kaby Lake chip has also been mentioned a lot in rumors related to Apple Macbook Pro 2016.

Since Kaby Lake will solve battery issue on Surface Pro 4, Microsoft needs to wait for the chipset distribution, which according to PC Advisor, has been shipped since July, to manufacturer partners. Thus, the rumors of release pushed to early 2017 might be true because it won't be that fast to place the chipset inside Surface Pro 5 and have the hybrid laptop released a few months later. Chances are, the device will enter production stage and it might finalize the product in the end of the year.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 rumored specs

Surface Pro 5 is rumored to have Windows 10, Redstone 2, USB type C and 16 GB RAM. The graphics card might have two choices of either NVIDIA Pascal or AMD Polaris. Microsoft might release Surface Pro 5 in two screen variants, 2K and 4K. Many sources even cited that the hybrid laptop might have resolution of 3,840 x 2,560. With all of the improvements in specs, the next generation of Surface Pro should have better experience and be more powerful as well.

Do you think the rumored specs of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will happen?

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