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'Pokemon Go': 8 Reasons Why You Might Quit The Game [VIDEO]


As the 'Pokemon Go' craze continues to set the internet on blaze with different experiences from the player themselves, do you know that the famous game app has its equal share of downsides that could be the best reasons why you might quit playing?

Gamers falling off cliffs

You don't want to be the headline of the news right? However, two players fell off the cliff north of San Diego while reportedly playing Pokemon Go. According to the Fire Marshal Anita Pupping, "The pair fell after climbing the fence and disregarding warning signs in order to get on the bluff."

Portal for Scammers
Ever since the 'Pokemon Go' hype began, scammers are always awake looking for someone to fool.  Last July 14, before the iOS released the game, a suspiciously similar game was seen in Apple App Store charts in U.K. that captured screenshots of Pokemon Go. It is still anonymous until how the game managed to creep into the system, Komando reported.

Affects your time management

A self-confessed player Matthew Geek said, "Now I am completely incompetent when it comes to time management, I should probably steer clear of video games just in case I'm unable to tear myself away from them".

Affects your relationship

It can be very difficult to communicate with your special someone when you are too busy finding the rare find Pikachu, isn't it?

Incapacitate your mental ability

Since the game is repetitive, it doesn't offer various challenges that could possibly challenge your ability to think and analyze.

You get sunburns

Nowadays, climate can be very unpredictable and sunburns are serious matters that can lead to fatal conditions such as heat stroke.

Web security concerns

Niantic, the developer of 'Pokemon Go' reads your emails. John McAfee, creator of McAfee security software told Business Insider, "Wake up. Over 50 million users have granted apps permission to make phone calls from your phone, without your prior approval or knowledge, for which you may have to pay."

Safety Concerns

Since college students are allowed to play the game inside the campus, a report from the campus police officer says, "Three students playing 'Pokemon Go' at the University of Maryland were robbed Tuesday night," College USA Today reported.

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