‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers, News & Update: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is Pledging A Storm As Negan In Season 7


People may hear the American actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan utter certain curse words as Negan in "The Walking Dead" season 7.

There are a few others that fans of the show may eventually bear witness to when the Blu-ray/DVD will be released. But there are about a million others taking place on the set during filming of AMC's horror drama television series, and the only ones lucky enough to witness it are the cast and crew of the TV series.

Morgan has been ensuring that the former leader of The Saviors - Negan, is always present and accounted for by pitching a seemingly never ending stream of obscene language during takes, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Morgan was witnessed in Senoia, Georgia set of "The Walking Dead," as the actor usually gets plenty of PG-13 takes under his belt. Morgan showcased the full impact of Hurricane Negan in the set.

Morgan explained that they push it as far as what he can and can't say. Morgan said that he threw in blasphemy everywhere he can.

Dean Morgan, who's portrayed a number of notable TV characters, stated that the upcoming season 7 of "The Walking Dead" and the arrival of Negan is a game-changer. The TV show is going to have a whole new beginning.

Morgan further explained that they just flipped the zombie series upside down. Fans are going to see their favorite characters in a position that they've never been in before, which is considered as super vulnerable and victimized, Hollywood Life reported.

However, the season 7 of "The Walking Dead" trailer had to walk in a specific way as not to spoil the big mystery left for fans with the season 6 finale. As the trailer of the upcoming episodes did a very good and blatant job of not to reveal who died, it may have let one or more characters who survived the bat down slip through the cracks, according to Comic Book.

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