'South Park' Season 20 Is Back: Will Reality Make Another Appearance?


The creators of "South Park" will be making another season of the cartoon comedy and Reality might be back from the dead.

This fall, "South Park" Season 20 will air once again on Comedy Central. Trey Parker and Matt Stone revealed recently that they are considering the return of the mustached face of Reality. The character was killed off in Season 19 but the controversial character may yet live again, Mashable reported.

The character's first memorable appearance was in episode 5 where the character, Reality, crashed an anti-shaming party of a fundraiser but was killed in the end of the season by public hanging. However, viewer's reactions may give a new life to the fallen villain, Digitaltrends reported.

Getting feedbacks on the Reality character will make them do a lot of episodes with that character, according to Trey Parker.

This season, Season 20, Parker said that they would do something with Reality that will blow people's mind. Well, unless the change their mind and decided not to do it.

Reality was previously involved in a rare arc on the "South Park" series. The show was known to have loosely connected episodes and some were not even connected at all. However, the Season 19 was more serialized. According to Parker and Stone, the creation of Season 19 arc was not planned at all but they found out that they liked doing it.

Also, the duo is planning to do a serialization on the show just like all the other TV shows. So that they could 'paint on a bigger canvas'.

The "South Park" Season 20 will be aired in Comedy Central on September 14 at 10 pm.

There are tons of possibilities for the upcoming "South Park" season and it will be more interesting to see. There is a very big possibility that Reality will go back on screen again. 


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