'Star Trek: Beyond' Spoilers: Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos 'Star Trek: Beyond' Cameo Revealed


Science Fiction movies have made it a tradition to provide fans with celebrity cameos, but with the third installment of the rebooted Star Trek franchise, 'Star Trek Beyond' a cameo by Amazon's Jeff Bezos was completely unexpected.

For those who don't know who Jeff Bezos is, he is the founder and CEO of the popular e-commerce website, He started out catering to those in need of books, and later expanded their services to other products and services.

Pop culture has made it a trend to use cameos to build create hype, whether it be for TV shows or movies. Especially with films, it can either make the movie viewing experience great, or can be so out of place that it takes the audience out of the film. Recent sci-fi movies has used cameos to add flavor to their story, some much less noticable than others.

In a report by TheVerge, we might see a celebrity cameo in "Star Trek: Beyond" that is totally out of left field. founder Jeff Bezos could probably be reaching for the stars and everything else in the galaxy, since it was finally revealed that he'll be making a small cameo in Star Trek: Beyond. In report done by Stuff, "Star Trek Beyond" director Justin Lin said the founder of the well-known e-commerce website will be making a small cameo in the upcoming science fiction movie.

Cameos that are far from the normal celebrity actors and actresses have been the trend of several recent high-profile, big budget blockbusters. Although you can't see him, James Bond actor, Daniel Craig portrays a stormtrooper in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens;" Vermont Senator, Patrick Leahy makes an appearance in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice;" and Jimmy Buffet makes his cameo in Jurassic World.

In the upcoming "Star Trek" movie, director Lin revealed that Bezos would be playing the role an alien in a long tracking shot in the movie, and the tech billionaire is listed as portraying a Starfleet Official on IMDb. According to USNews, one of the lead stars of Star Trek Beyond, Chris Pine pointed out that the Bezos made quite a scene when he arrived, accompanied by nine body guards all of which arrived in three limousines. 

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