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'Final Fantasy 7' Remake News Update: Square Enix Still Reluctant To Give A Specific Release Date, Game Wouldn't Be Made Available To The Nintendo NX [VIDEO]


The anticipated game from Square Enix, the "Final Fantasy 7" remake, still doesn't have a specific release date for the next-generation consoles, but the game developers aren't planning to release a Nintendo NX version.

Despite Square Enix's announcement of the development of the "Final Fantasy 7" remake during last year's E3 convention, there has been minimal word on how the game is progressing, GameNGuide reported.

The game's fans are still hanging on the promise of its delivery, and with it comes the prospect of a promising gameplay coming straight from Square Enix themselves in the form of a trailer, which features a sneak preview on which direction the game developers chosen for its style of gameplay.

Tetsuya Nomura, the game's director, confirmed that the game's developement is still underway, which the game studios have allotted much of its resources to, despite minimal word about its progress on how close, or how far, would it be before rolling out to gamers.

With how the game studios have relatively kept its fans in the dark about the progress of the "Final Fantasy 7" remake, rumors have recently surfaced that the game may very well be good as cancelled, as fans are starting to think that the game wouldn't come, according to Ecumenical News.

Nomura assures its fans that the rumors that the game's development is cancelled are completely baseless, and states that the game studios are already in the process of making the reboot a reality.

Meanwhile, "Final Fantasy XV" is slated to come to gamers on September 30, but it wouldn't be made available to the upcoming Nintendo NX, which directly fuels speculation that the "Final Fantasy 7" reboot wouldn't make it to the aforementioned console, Yibada reported.

The game's remake is expected to be released sequentially in the form of episodes, with each episode reported to be as good as full games, as the game developers aims for it to be a homage to the well-loved classic storyline.

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