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NASA Accidentally Reveals Alien Code In ISS Live-Feed Video [VIDEO HERE]; Agency Hiding UFO Info For Years?


NASA's alleged revelation of unidentified flying object (UFO) codename resulted to a "conspiracy theory" amongst UFO hunters. They speculated that NASA is aware of aliens and that NASA is hiding it from the public.

UFO hunters believe that aliens have been going around the International Space Station, but NASA is hiding this information from everyone. Alien hunters believe that NASA is keeping "gospel" a secret to prevent chaos on Earth.

NASA cut a live-feed taken from the International Space Station after an agency's astronaut saw a strange red UFO on the screen, according to Scott Waring, editor of UFO sightings daily. NASA's word for aliens and UFOs was heard to be "gospel" and is now speculated that it is also the codename used by United States Space Agency to refer to UFOs.

Before NASA cut the live feed, NASA's astronaut was heard saying that he looks forward to a partnership with a gospel. Another International Space Station staff, on the other hand, replied to the NASA's astronaut that they will be praying for him in space. NASA's Commander Jeff Williams is said to be the person who has replied to the astronaut, RT reported.

The NASA astronaut's reaction and remarks were analyzed by conspiracy theorists to be odd. They suggested that it is more likely a secret message that the only staff of the International Space Station can understand. Space theorists claim that the NASA  astronaut has the intention of meeting with aliens and even form a treaty with them.

The NASA live feed was not the first time that it was cut after a UFO was spotted on screen. However, NASA's codename "gospel" was debunked by Scott Brando, a UFO investigator who runs a hoax buster website. Brando tweeted that the NASA UFO hoax was made by SecureTeam10 and that it was unreal. Brando tweeted that it was a lens flare, Tecake reported.

NASA's live feed from the International Space Station was uploaded July 20, 2016  on Youtube. The video recorded conversations from NASA and the anonymous astronaut that happened July 19, 2016. The NASA video footage showed a dot of light on the camera, while recording NASA astronauts' discussion about the spotted UFO.

NASA, which anonymously identified the astronaut, was allegedly nervous upon seeing an unidentified flying object. Watch the live-feed video here.

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