Prince George Birthday: Prince Of Cambridge Receives Tons Of Gifts; Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton Accused Of Animal Cruelty and Bad Parenting?[VIDEO]


Eldest son of Duke of Cambridge Prince William, Prince George, celebrated his third birthday on Friday, July 22. According to the Duke, his son is "far too spoilt."

The 34-year-old Duke revealed on Friday that his son received too many gifts, Daily Mail UK reported. He and his wife Kate Middleton visited South Coast City to watch the America's Cup. When the Duke was asked about the birthday gifts, he replied, "I am not telling, he got too many things, he's far too spoiled."

A cute birthday photo of Prince George feeding Lupo, royal family's cocker spaniel, has gained attention online. Aside from being cute, this photo gained attention online because some online users accused George, and his parents of animal cruelty.

Some people love the series of birthday photo, released by Kensington Palace however, it has created storm in social media, some online users accused the royal parents Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton of bad parenting and animal cruelty.

In one of the birthday photos of Prince George, he is holding an ice cream treat to feed a spaniel, Lupo. As the photo went viral, many online users reacted over Twitter. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSCPA) noticed the photo and said that although George has good intentions, however, it may have negative consequences.

"Instead of ice cream we would suggest making an ice lolly from pet-friendly ingredients," Royak SCPA advised.

As per experts, dogs are allergic to dairy because they are deficient in lactose necessary for the digestion of dairy. Aside from dairy, chocolates are not also advisable to be a treat for dogs.

Lupo is not actually eating the ice cream, according to People. However, the photo has caused quite meltdown on social media.

Veterinary director of the Dogs Trust charity, Paula Boyden, agreed to the Royal SPCA. Although there are people gave some advices, there were Twitter users gave harsh comments against the Royal couple. A Twitter user called them a "monarchist monster," while some Twitter user said that Prince George should "go to prison."

Prince George celebrated his birthday at Anmer Hall home with his friends and families. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reportedly gave their son a special birthday gift, which is a Bolonka Zwetnas dog, News 7 reported.

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