'Heroes of the Storm' Player Arrested After He Threatens Blizzard Entertainment With An AK-47


A 28 year-old gamer from Sacramento facing state charges last July 12 due to threatening Blizzard Entertainment's HQ to visit them with an AK-47 based on a 33-page federal complaint.

According to the federal criminal complaint written by FBI Special Agent Brady Cowan, Stephen Cebula, who lived in California, send threats using his Facebook account to the Irvine-based company and some other players to just basically "scare" them. These threats were triggered after Blizzard restricts his chat feature in the game "Heroes of Storm."

The prosecutor states what Cebula wrote on his Facebook account, it said that if Blizzard always restricts him (Cebula) or other people in Heroes of the storm he might or might not pay their HQ a visit, which is also located in California where Cebula lived, with an AK-47 and few other weapons where he dubbed it as "opportunistic tools." He also adds that he (Cebula), also wrote that Blizzard would be shameful to hit the wrong person, LA Times reported

The accused told the federal investigators that the term "opportunistic tools" that he used is to "let their thoughts wander" and he said that using an AK-47 as reference weapon is perfect because he thinks that it is the scariest weapon.

The complaints filed against Cebula are even worse. As reported, the criminal complaint filed by Blizzard states that he also threatened other players by telling them that he will kill and rape their family members. And there's also a part of the complaint about performing an attack at Disneyland.

The in-game silencing, what had happened in Cebula's case, has been a standard protocol in disciplining toxic players in MOBA games. Some may even receive absolute ban from playing the game due to their boisterous behavior.

Heroes of the Storm, DOTA 2, League of Legends and all other MOBA games have their own way of reporting bad behaviors to help those other players who plays decent. If a certain player receives sufficient number of reports, moderators of the game then decide on what will be the player's punishment. This is to prevent these bad players in disrupting other player's gaming experience.

For threatening Blizzard, Cebula will face up to 5 years in prison and will pay a fine of $250,000 if he will be convicted, YIBADA reported. 


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