Marijuana Is A Less Harmful Than Alcohol, Study Finds; Medical Cannabis To Be Available In Florida Next Week? [VIDEO]


Public health researchers agreed that on balance intake, marijuana is a less harmful drug than alcohol. According to the researchers, booze, (an alcoholic beverage), is more addictive than cannabis.

Alcohol is a threat for both individuals and society as it could cause vehicular accidents (drunk driving). Some studies show that alcohol is capable to impair driving ability, according to The Washington Post.

There were claims that marijuana could cause aggression. However, according to some pot users, cannabis help them relax.

Despite the claims of marijuana users, research on the link between marijuana intake and aggression has been mixed. Some users will say pot helps them relax, however, it may also cause anxiety and paranoia, thus leading a usermanifests himself in violent ways.

A recent study from Netherland, published in the journal Psychopharmacology attempts to find answers using a random controlled trial. The study called up a group of 20 heavy alcohol users, and a group of 21 heavy marijuana users. The researchers also recruited 20 controls, there are the people who did not use any drug or alcohol.

The study required the group to get high and drunk. As expected, the controls did not find this enjoyable. Each group took a number of tests, and the researchers measured the aggression before and after the respondents took the test.

The group of marijuana users and alcohol users took the same tests, but this time, they were not high nor drunk. The results show that alcohol users are more aggressive when they were drunk, while the pot smokers are less aggressive when they were high.

Meanwhile, in Florida, marijuana is expected to be available in the state next week, Orlando Sentinel reported. Trulieve and Hackney Nursery have an authorization to process and dispense low-THC cannabis, a type of cannabis that does not get user or patient get high.

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