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Donald Trump's Campaign Slogan ‘Make America Great Again’: Review


Donald Trump's campaign song "Make America Great Again" debuted at the Republican National Convention.

Although they don't have great number, some loyal and reliable Republican donors have finally started to back up Donald Trump.

Trump was just officially nominated by delegates at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland to be the standard-bearer of the GOP in the 2016 United States presidential election.

Many of the biggest contributors of the Republican Party have yet to be persuaded, which includes political donor billionaire Charles Koch. Charles, who is the chief executive officer of Koch Industries, has long offered his deep coffers and powerful network to conservative causes, according to Forbes.

However, as Trump prepares to formally accept the nod later this month, minority artists and activists criticized Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan which was seen at rallies and in the politician's hats and T-shirts.

Even though the criticism turned Trump's slogan on its head and pitched in question on Trump's vision of the United States from yesteryear, which they say his vision excluded blacks, Latinos, Native Americans and gays. Trump supporters claimed such mocking will only help the presidential hopeful.

Vanessa Bowen, a Navajo artist, stated that she developed Trump's hat for the reason that she believes the slogan of Trump speaks of a period when whites could legally retain possession of minorities from jobs and restaurants, MPR News reported.

Chris Davis, a worker at the C-Club Boardwalk store in Atlantic City, said that people talked to him not to sell T-shirts with Trump's slogan on it. As individuals who have strong political views are unhappy seeing the shirts, and they might support the other side, based on the report of Philly.

But, for whatever reason, a number of individuals are snapping up shirts with pro-Trump themes more frequently compared to those backing Hillary Clinton. And there's a wide variety of shirts with trademark slogan of Trump, "Make America Great Again."

Watch the "Make America Great Again" song at RNC here:

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