Prince Harry Took An HIV Test; People With HIV Were Taught With Basic Digital Camera Skills


The London-based photographer Gideon Mendel, whose work involves contemporary social issues of global concern, had won several prestigious awards for his photos of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Mendel, who co-founded an organization called "Through Positive Eyes," started imparting knowledge on basic digital camera skills to individuals who were HIV positive, then uplifted those people to capture images of their own lives.

Mendel's organization has hosted workshops in 10 cities around the world since 2008, namely Washington, D.C., Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, London, Los Angeles, Johannesburg, Port-au-Prince, Bangkok, and most recently in Durban and South Africa.

"Through Positive Eyes" will debut an exhibition this week at the Durban Art Gallery. The event will feature 145 photographs and it's the first exhibit to draw from all of the organization's workshops. The opening of the exhibit which is scheduled on July 17 occur simultaneously with the 21st International AIDS Conference in Durban, according to NPR.

On the other hand, Prince Harry, the younger son of Princess Diana, has taken an HIV test live on social media to motivate individuals to get tested for the human immunodeficiency virus.

Prince Harry's HIV test was broadcasted live on the royal family's Facebook page. The test happened in the Burrell Street center, which is part of Guy's and St Thomas's Hospital, in central London, The Guardian reported.

The Prince, who recently made a public declaration that he would be emphasizing the issue of HIV/Aids, went through the simple finger-prick procedure, and within a minute, the results of Harry were available and showed that he had tested negative.

In addition, when the first Aids conference came to South Africa, the country was pleading for the treatment and understanding. But, during the return of hundreds of Aids researchers and activists in South Africa, they found out how radically the country's outlook has changed. And the country claimed that their HIV drug treatment program is the largest in the world, according to NZ Herald.

Here's a video of Gideon Mendel as he documented the impact of HIV/Aids in Africa:

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