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US President Obama Pledges More Than $400 Million for 5G Research - Movie Can Be Downloaded In Less Than Five Seconds


On Friday, the Obama Administration made it known to the public a new funding initiative to ensure the United States preserves its leadership in the mobile technology space.

The Advanced Wireless Research Initiative that gathered $400 million will be led by the National Science Foundation and having an intention to develop and advance wireless technology to 5G and beyond, based on the report of CNET.

The White House wrote in a press release that stated, the efforts of the spectrum policy and research will increase the deployment amount of a new generation of wireless networks that are up to 100 times faster compared today. These high-capacity, ultra-low latency and super-fast networks will enable breakthrough applications for smart cities, consumers as well as the Internet of Things that cannot even be imagined today.

The expected breakthroughs listed in the plan of the administration include improved self-driving vehicles, mobile phones and tablets that can download a single film in less than five seconds, live high-res video transmissions from first-responders to emergency rooms.

Adding up to the breakthroughs are the virtual reality job training simulators, and public places, businesses will have a Gigabit-speed wireless broadband available, USA Today reported.

As part of the Obama Administration's research plan, other federal agencies committed to the 5G research include the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, better known as the DARPA. The agency plans to make a practical use of the 5G test platforms in the new Spectrum Challenge component of its decade-old competition for teams building robotic vehicles, according to PC Mag.

Multiple technology companies like AT&T, HTC, Nokia, Qualcomm, Intel and Samsung - also pledged their support for the United States government research projects.

The tech companies are already working on their own 5G efforts, and commit themselves to offer financial support as well as engineering equipment and guidance.

NSF director France A Córdova said that as the world rely on the Internet daily, they need a new generation of wireless communication infrastructure.

Here's a video that demonstrated the 5G technology:

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