'Pokemon Go' Player Guide: Pros, Cons, And How To Keep Yourself Safe While Playing 'Pokemon Go' [VIDEO]


After fans and online players learned "Pokemon Go," the popularity of this mobile game has quickly increased, thus making it have a good comeback into pop culture. In the modern day, most hobbies are virtual, however, after the this mobile has been out in some countries, it introduces a new game changer, in which, players can do a virtual gaming and outdoor activities at the same time.

In a recent report, there were two men reported fell down while playing "Pokemon Go," on Wednesday, July 13. Sand Diego Lifeguards reported that a man fell down off a cliff E Street around 1:12 p.m., while the other man was found unconscious about 50 feet down the cliff, NBC San Diego reported.

Another report said that "Pokemon Go" is used by robbers to lure teenager players into a trap. Missouri  police received a call on Sunday Morning, July 10, at 2 a.m. to respond to armed robbery reports. There were 11 teenagers were reported robbed, according to Telegraph.

For those who are eager to achieve their goal to be a Pokemon trainer, here is the Pokemon Go Guide to keep you safe, from Life Hacker.

1. Don't go to a place you would not feel safe, trust your instincts and common sense.

In playing this game, Pokemon Go might use landmarks and real-world places for the virtual places like Pokemon Gyms and Pokestops. According to Revescraft, Pokemon themselves are randomly generated, meaning they can show up anywhere. The game is not capable to define which place is safe from not.

With that, if the game instructed you to go to the place you think you should not go, disobey it. Do not go to places like police station, hospitals, or a holocaust museum.

2, Be aware of how you appear while playing and to your surroundings.

Whether you are Pokemon Go player or not, this is a basic rule if you are traveling. Always pay attention to the people around you. Keep in respect is necessary, and do not loiter in front of someone's house.

3. Prepared important supplies if you will go for a long-walk

'Pokemon Go' requires travel. It is advisable to bring water whenever you go. Plan your route ahead of time and search for a place where you can stay for a rest.

4. Do not leave your stuff unattended.

Sometimes, it is good to have trust issues. Anyone who has intention to rob will take advantage if there is a chance.

5. Be updated about scams and people who were reported have done some crimes.   

Authorities are giving warnings about the recent thieves who take advantage of the Pokemon Go players. So better be aware.   

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