'Gotham' Season 3 Release Date, News & Spoilers: 7 Rogue Villains Revealed? Fish Mooney Returns, New Season To Introduce Killer Croc?

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Fish Mooney returns as a scarier villain. In "Gotham" Season 2, some patients escaped from the bus, so expect more horrendous villains on "Gotham" Season 3.

Reception for DC's Gotham on the FOX Network has been mixed, but have gotten a lot better within the past two seasons. The season two finale, although not clean cut, left audiences with a lot of reasons to be excited about for season three. 

The third season of "Gotham" left viewers with a Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) that has left the Gotham Police Department, with his former partner, Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue), now an interim Police Chief. At the very end of the finale, fans finally get to see the secret of Indian Hill in the form a school bus filled with escaped patients who were experimented on by Doctor Hugo Strage (B.D. Wong). Fans get to see most of the individuals that alighted that bus, and some might play roles as villains in the upcoming season.

So, who could these villains be?

It was already established that Gotham crime boss, Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) has come back to life through Strange's bizarre experiments, and have been shown to have developed some unknown powers because of it.

Fish Mooney returns as a scarier villain. Aside from her, there are talks that the Mutants from the "Dark Knight" will be introduced in the next chapte, Games n Guide reported.

In the last episode of Season 2, some patients escaped from the bus. Among the patients that got off the bus was Jerome Valeska, who was played brilliantly by Cameron Monaghan, and who fans assume is a young version of the Batman's famous adversary, the Joker. But the one that descended the bus that got people talking is a long-haired boy with a face that is identical to that of the young Bruce Wayne.

The rest of the "monsters" that got off the Arkham Asylum school bus, remains to be unknown, but fans can be certain that their escape will be delve into more in season 3. Although the next season of Gotham is just two months away, this has not stopped fans of the series to speculate who these monsters could be, or which villains who are not part of the Arkham escape will be introduced next season.

There is a list of villains that could be part of the escaped monsters, which includes zombie with superhuman strength Solomon Grundy and Bruce Wayne's childhood friend, Tommy Elliot A.K.A. Hush. New crime bosses could also emerge in the new season like The Tweedle Brothers, who are not brothers, but actually cousins who just looks a lot alike, according to The Hollywood Reporter 

A more iconic Batman villain can drop in, like Jervis Tetch A.K.A. Mad Hatter, especially since it was explained that the persona of Strange's revived experiments are chosen through children's books, and mythology - Alice in Wonderland could have been a part of Hugo Strange's book collection. Speaking of monsters, it would not be a big surprise if they took this chance to introduce Killer Croc.

"Gotham" Season 3 released date is set for Monday, Sept. 19 at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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