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'Street Fighter 5' DLC Announced Ahead Of EVO 2016, Profits Will Add To The Prize Pot; 9 Games Included In The Tournament [LIVE STREAM]


Capcom announced that it will release a DLC for the "Street Fighter V" to go alongside this week's EVO 2016 fighting game tournament. Profits from the $25 DLC would add to the Capcom Pro Tour's prize pot.

The latest DLC for the game directly coincides with the anticipated fighting game tournament that starts on Saturday. Characters from the game, Chun-Li and Cammy, gets additional costumes with the theme of the "Capcom Cup Collection" that costs $6 each, Game Spot reported.

A third surprise costume is set to be revealed later in the year. Capcom officially announced that fans would be treated with additional content, which specifically coincides with this week's fighting game tournament.

Along with the new costumes that will be released with the "Street Fighter V" DLC, the pack includes a new Capcom Pro Tour stage called "Ring of Destiny," which costs $10. Profits of the DLC pack is reported to be added to the tournament's prize pot.

Capcom intends to release new content to go along beyond the EVO 2016, as it currently holds a Capcom Pro Tour. The DLC slated would feature an exclusive color-schemes for all of its 22 characters in the game.

Takayuki Nakayama, game director at Capcom, stated that fans should expect updates that also pays homage to the classic content, which comes from the previous games such as "Street Fighter 2," as well as "Street Fighter 3," according to PlayStation LifeStyle.

The game studios have yet to disclose a specific release date for the DLC, but industry analysts predict that it would come soon enough. Although Capcom revealed that the new content would be only available fora limited time, which would not go beyond November.

The new content is still only limited to PS4 and PC gamers. The livestream is live, as of writing, and is being broadcast by Twitch user, "srkevo1."

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