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Nintendo Brings Back A Classic With Mini-NES, Comes With 30 Games [VIDEO]


Nintendo announces it will bring back the classic console in a small package with the release of Mini-NES. It comes with 30 classic games, which includes "Super Mario Bros."

The game company decides to bring back the classic game console that comes in the form of Mini-NES. Nintendo confirmed that is comes with 30 classic games with the inclusion of "Final Fantasy," as well as "Super Mario Bros." among its roster, Kotaku reported.

A Nintendo spokeperson stated that the mini console would not be able to connect to the internet nor contain any modern console features. The game company also expressed its intentions to release it as a one-off, as it would not release new NES games.

The design showcases the actual classic console, albeit all are reduced in terms of scale. Fans would hardly expect anything less from the classic gaming console other than the reduced size of the actual unit. In addition, the cartridge slot does not actually open; this might be a negative for particular fans.

Along with Nintendo's intentions for it being a one-off, it also announced that it would not release an update nor new games for the Mini-NES.

The Nintendo spokesperson stated that it is a standalone device, as the company refrained from giving it internet capabilities, as well as omitting the possibility of connecting it with any external storage device, according to GameSpot.

The 30 games were reportedly handpicked by Nintendo officials to accommodate the diverse needs of gamers. The spokesperson stated that the roster were chosen to provide gamers a lasting gaming impressions, aiming to bring back the retro experience that the console once brought.

It still remains to be seen whether the company intends to make further "mini" releases, such as the SNES or the N64, and Nintendo declined to comment further on the topic, The Verge reported.

The Mini-NES would reach stores on November 11, and it would retail for about $60. Some popular titles included in the roster are "Mega Man 2," "Pac-Man," the "Super Mario Bros." trilogy, as well as "The Legend of Zelda."

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