Angelina Jolie Fakes Relationship Status with Brad Pitt While Celebrating Their Twins' Birthday?


Angelina Jolie and the actor behind the "World War Z" movie Brad Pitt are rumored to be faking their relationship status for the sake of their children.

The celebrity couple was recently spotted at the Griddle Café in West Hollywood celebrating the birthday of their twins Knox and Vivienne - as the adorable twins of the Hollywood couple turned eight years old.

The American actress Jolie along with Pitt and their children, sat at a booth nearby the restaurant's entrance, according to US Weekly.

The 52 year old actor sported a white t-shirt and beige hat, while the "Maleficent" actress Jolie wore a black tank top and jet black sunglasses.

A source claimed that both Pitt and Jolie were very friendly towards the staff of the restaurant and the passersby who noticed the celebrities. And for the spot's remarkable service, the famous couple gave the restaurant a very huge tip.

Another onlooker claimed that they were like a regular a family eating breakfast. The celebrity family was just eating and having a good time, based on the report of Entertainment Tonight.

The eyewitness stated that the couple were super low-key and a bunch of the waiters didn't even realize it was them until they leave. Pitt and Jolie were super chill.

However, after the rumors came out that Jolie and Pitt are on the brink of divorce, reports then surfaced that the celebrity couple is just trying to make things work for the sake of all of their children, Yibada reported.

Brad was linked to the controversy that he was making his way to get back together with the "Just Go With It" actress Jennifer Aniston. That resulted how Jolie was furious over Pitt's decision to reunite with the actress, especially they also had a strong connection with each other.

On the other hand, Pitt is all set to work with Ben Stiller for the upcoming motion picture "Brad's Status." And Pitt is slated to start the production of the movie in September, IB Times reported.

Here's a video of the Pitt family celebrating the birthday:

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