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Princeton University To Contribute In Buying Princeton’s Police Body Cameras, Is The New Law For Body Cameras Fair?


Princeton in Mercer County, New Jersey, plans to request Princeton University and other institutions in town to ask them to donate toward the municipality in buying police body cameras and related equipment.

On Monday, municipal administrator Marc D. Dashield said during Mayor Liz Lempert's press conference that they provide a lot of services, particularly to their tax exempt institutions. Dashield also said that it's a high priority for the community, as it provides a service to them. And they would like to see if the institutions would contribute toward it.

The municipal administrator pointed out that the town seeks no specific dollar amount contribution from each institution, according to Central Jersey.

Dan Day, a Princeton University spokesman stated via an email that they did not receive the proposal yet and they will not comment on the body camera issue at this point. But, once the university will have the proposal on hand, they will certainly review it.

However, Roy Cooper, North Carolina Attorney General, stated that their state's new law excluding police camera recordings from the public record goes beyond the limit.

The body cameras and dashboard cameras of the police should instead be treated as public record, but some exemptions are still considered for crime victims or investigations, WITN reported.

As a further matter, being motivated by the police officer-involved shooting incidents in Louisiana and Minnesota, as well as the terror in Texas that spread out after a Black Lives Matter march, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed the Body Cam bill into law.

On Monday afternoon, Gov. McCrory signed House Bill 972, with new law details who can view and obtain footage from the body and dashboard camera. The video footage is no longer public record, based on the report on ABC 11.

And a tweet then came out collecting opinions, whether the body and dashboard camera should be a public record.

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