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'Cracking the Aging Code' Says Halting Aging Process Possible Via Vitamin D, Metformin, Anti-Parkinson Drug Intake


"Cracking the Aging Code" highlights the aging process and explains why aging occurs from various perspectives. The authors' suggestions to keep one's aging process halted includes taking large doses of Vitamin D and melatonin, Metformin, and Selegiline, an anti-Parkinson's and depression drug.

The "Cracking the Aging Code" is by authors Josh Mitteldorf a theoretical biologist, and writer Dorion Sagan. The book sounds more of a promise as an excerpt from the book says "It is common belief that aging is inevitable and universal. Nothing could be further from the truth."

"Cracking the Aging Code" stated that aging in animals enforces a predictable life span that helps prevent the dominance of one genetic type or one individual. It is a way to keep the diversity in a community, which has raised much skepticism of the idea from other researchers.

The "Cracking the Aging Code" book's authors further described how certain hardships can eventually lead to life extension of lab animals, Parallel State reported. The authors, Mitteldorf and Sagan, made anti-aging recommendations based on the research findings done on the lab animals.

"Cracking the Aging Code" contains suggestions similar to advices given frequently by medical professionals such as exercising frequently to lose weight and take daily aspirin or ibuprofen.

Herbs are also listed that could potentially restore telomeres, which are the protective tips on chromosomes. The book does not focus much on the research behind these recommendations. It might be due to the fact that not enough research has been done on them to prove these claims.

"Cracking the Aging Code" is published by Flatiron and can be bought from Amazon, the official website reported. It has a crystal ball section which gives an optimistic perspective at the preliminary research on benefits of lengthening telomeres, removal of the cells responsible for gradual decline of the body and regrowing the shrinking thymus.

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