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iPhone 6S vs Galaxy S7: Samsung Smartphone Key Features that Apple's Doesn't Have


iPhone 6S vs Galaxy S7 - tech enthusiasts often face a difficult time deciding which smartphone to choose. The Apple's device or Samsung's?

iPhone 6S vs Galaxy S7: camera shootout

The most reviewed topic in Android vs Samsung debate is the camera quality. Both offer stunning image results at first glance.

Galaxy S7 camera: 12MP/ 5MP, 1440 x 2560 pixels, 4K video,

iPhone 6S camera: 12MP/ 5MP, 750 x 1334 pixels, 4K video

Offering 12 MP rear camera, Samsung makes its Galaxy S7 pixel resolutions considerably large. It offers brightness even in low light condition. The S7 has been praised for its high pixel density (577 ppi), excellent autofocus and a number of methods to accommodate low light shots, too. Compared to Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 6S has smaller pixel resolutions. Who wouldn't want better and brighter shots?

iPhone 6S vs Galaxy S7: battery life

Fast charging becomes a must-have feature in smartphones and tablets aside from the remarkable specs they claim. When it comes to battery life, Samsung Galaxy S7 is the winner here. With battery capacity of 3,600 mAh; Galaxy S7 needs 88 minutes of charging time to regain its full power.

On the other side, Apple iPhone 6S is equipped with 2,915 mAh battery cell. The lower capacity is apparently not backed with 'that fast' charging solution as you need 110 minutes to fully charge the device. Many Apple vs Samsung reviews have confirmed that Galaxy S7 is ahead of iPhone 6S when it comes to battery life and charging time, Forbes claimed.

iPhone 6S vs Galaxy S7: Samsung Galaxy S7 is IP68 certified

For those admiring underwater photography, the Galaxy S7 is designed to meet your hobby. Even if you are not planning to swim deep, it has a better chance in surviving from water splashes. However, recent Consumer Reports claimed that one of the Samsung Galaxy S7 series didn't survive water test, University Herald reported.

iPhone 6S vs Galaxy S7: hardware

It could be tricky to compare Apple vs Samsung smartphones since both are always enhanced with impressive specs. Galaxy S7 is equipped with Exynos 8890 octa-core and 4 GB of RAM. Apple's iPhone 6S offers 2 GB of RAM and Apple A9 64 bit dual core. In term of performance, Galaxy S7 definitely outperforms iPhone 6S. And not to forget, Samsung offers additional storage space in case that 32 GB won't be enough to save your files.

In a glance, Apple iPhone 6S might offer a more premium feel but once you look under the hood, Samsung Galaxy S7 offers functional and practical combination.

We should wait for the iPhone 7 release - which could probably be Samsung Galaxy S7 real competitor.

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