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Shark App: iOS Sharktivity Notifies Users When It Tracks Aquatic Carnivores


A shark-tracking app helps ensure the safety of the beachgoers as it notifies users if there are sharks near the area.

Beachgoers can now get advance warning of a great white shark as Massachusetts-based researchers created an app that will give details about shark activity along the shoreline. The app is called Sharktivity, and it can be downloaded onto the iPhone.

A non-profit organization known for protecting white sharks, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, worked with the state biologists to create an app that identifies great white sharks. They launched their app called Sharktivity on Friday, June 8, and it was developed in part by marine biologist Gregory Skomal, a scientist who has worked at the state's Division of Marine Fisheries for 29 years 

Sharktivity is free to download on iPhone, however, the app is not available for Android users, Boston Globe reported. The app includes the 80 locations, which were already tagged by researchers.

Sharktivity provides shark safety tips, and it has a button to let users donate money to the developers and researchers. Other Sharktivity features include, notifying users if there are sharks sightings, allowing users to report shark encounters, track the movements of apex predators, and view recent visual sightings. 

The conservancy president, Cynthia Wigren said in a statement, that the app will be a tool to "raise awareness and provide the public with information on white shark activity."  Beach managers and patrols, and even researchers will send out the alerts.

Wigren told CNN that the app will benefit boaters and fishermen by getting real-time notification. She added that the app should not cause harm to people, but it should help them to be more aware and cautious. 

Leslie Reynolds, chief ranger for the Cape Cod National Seashore said, lifeguards and emergency responders are notifying other people by using this app.

In 2015, there were 59 shark attacks reported in the United States of America, and one fatality in Hawaii, according to the Shark.Org 

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