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'Star Trek Beyond' News [Update]: George Takei Not Happy with Sulu As Gay, Zachary Quinto Responds!


"Star Trek Beyond" will finally be hitting theaters in just a few short weeks, and amidst all the mixed receptions regarding the movie's trailer releases, may avoid being a box office disappointment as was the case with those big budget movies that came before it. 

With J.J. Abrams handing the reins of the "Star Trek" movie franchise to Justin Lin, fans have been asking whether he will b e bringing something new to the table. Lin has been well-known for revitalizing the Fast and Furious franchise, turning the then street racing themed plots, into fast-paced, high-action heist films. So fans can already expect the action in "Star Trek: Beyond" to be intense and gripping. Lin also makes it a point to add diversity in all his movies, and the cast of Star Trek 3 would be no different - but until yesterday no one expected that he would managed to do so in a big way.

The Senior Helmsman of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Hikaru Sulu is portrayed by actor John Cho, and previously played by the legendary George Takei in the 1966 Star Trek Series, has been given some drastic changes to his depiction - Lin decide to write his character as openly gay in "Star Trek: Beyond," according to the Hollywood Reporter. This move sparked some issues, and many Star Trek Alum have made their opinionson the matter public. The shocking reaction came from Takei himself. Takei who is openly gay, spoke of his disapproval of the change in Sulu's character. 

Based from a recent interview with Pedestrian, Zachary Quinto, who portrays the iconic character of Spock in the "Star Trek" reboots said, that him being a member of the LGBT community was disappointed that Takei was displeased in Lin's decision for Sulu. Quito said that he understands that Takei had his own personal relationship with his character, but makes it clear that the first Star Trek film that was done back in 2009 was in an alternate universe, Movie Web reported.

As further explanation, the Star Trek universe that was built back in the 2009 film was not a hard reboot - a different timeline was introduced, splitting it from the original series, but does not erase its existence. Abrams coined this as The Kelvin Timeline, and coincides with the original Star Trek.

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