'The Flash' Movie News: Artist Visualizes Matthew McConaughey Could Look Like As Reverse Flash [PHOTOS]

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After his cameo in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" for the brief introduction of his character The Flash,, Ezra Miller's incarnation of the Flash will finally star in his own movie to be released in 2018.

With a long wait for "The Flash" movie release, it would be only obvious that details about production and casting are going to be scarce. As with every upcoming superhero movie, rumors of casting especially for the protagonist and main antagonist will be pouring on over the course of the wait - and with a well-known property such as the top, you would expect that A-list actors are going to be eyed for the roles.

As the very first Flash movie, it is to be expected they will be going all-out with the villain that the scarlet speedster has to face. One of the strong contenders to be part of the movie's rogues gallery is Eobard Thawne, a.k.a the Reverse Flash. Graphic designer BossLogic even created an image on how the Reverse Flash could look like in a Flash movie - along with the fantasy casting of A-list star Matthew McConaughey to play the Flash's iconic foe, Comic Book reported.

Although it would still be anyone's guess who might portray the Reverse Flash, but there is no doubt that McConaughey would not be a bad choice. He's a good actor with a personality that can easily either play a role of a hero or a villain, which pretty much describes the origin of the Reverse Flash, where he used to be a fan of the Flash before he discovered his destiny to become his arch-nemesis. Fans will just have to wait and see whether the "McConaughescence" will find its way into the DC Extended Universe.

While there are very few details about the upcoming DC movie to have officially come out other than Ezra Miller playing the title character, and the movie being directed by Rick Famuyiwa, director of "Dope," which was loved by critics. It was also speculated back in April that Eobard Thawne will be one of the five main characters that the production was casting. In the casting he was described as "Central City's Bill Gates," International Business Times reported.

This version of him was said to ail from an advanced degenerative illness that has left him confined to a wheelchair, which would seem like they are mashing-up the character of "Hunter Zolomon," with Thawne, or a possible re-imaginging of a character from the CW Flash Tv series, "Harrison Wells."

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