Medford City Looking At An Ordinance To Track Tufts University’s Off-Campus Students


Stephanie M. Burke, Medford City Mayor,  has put forward for consideration an ordinance that would require Tufts University to provide records of off-campus students.

The mayor's move would help the Medford City identity and discipline landlords that allowed their apartments to be occupied by more than three unrelated individuals - the upper limit under the zoning regulations of Medford City.

The proposal of Mayor Burke was reviewed by the Medford City Council after she submitted it on June 23. Burke's ordinance, was titled "University and College Accountability," according to Wicked Local.

The draft of mayor Burke's ordinance stated that all post-secondary school are required to collect and maintain records of off-campus students. The ordinance will also aid Medford City in providing security and regulatory enforcement services.

The ordinance pointed out that when institutions do not know where to locate their off-campus students, it is more difficult to evaluate and satisfy the needs of off-campus security and regulatory enforcement.

As the ordinance was presented on June 28 to the council, City Solicitor Mark Rumley stated that the city has the power to hold the landlords accountable who fill the units with too many individuals, and the consequences of which can be intense.

Rumley stated that they tried to enact an ordinance that would have dealt with home inspections of three or more, for the reason that they could make sure that if landlords are not around, they could supervise the students.

On the other hand, federal government reminds colleges and universities must contend with any sexual violence that prevents the abilities of the students to pursue their educations - whether the incident occurred on school grounds or not, based on the report of Slate.

The federal government pointed out that the responsibility of the institutions extends beyond the borders of their properties. The law (Title IX) prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex at any educational institution that receives federal funds.

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