San Francisco's Teenage Jewish Rapper ‘King Sol’ Will Attend Tufts University; Tufts Baseball Team Update


The senior student of the San Francisco University High School - Ben Solomon, who deserves the most applause for the uploaded video on YouTube in January - in which the video ignited the University High School during the annual Oracle Arena basketball games against Lick-Wilmerding High School.

Solomon, who has released three albums, will attend Tufts University in the fall.  

The uploaded video of the University High School was called "Devil's Anthem," in which the four-minute-and-22-second film is essentially an ode to the Pacific Heights school. The video featured a cameo shot of the institution's sports teams, faculty, and students.

The video also showcased the various locations around campus, that includes the top of Twin Peaks, according to SF Weekly.

Rapper Solomon, also known as "King Sol," considered the "Devil's Anthem" as one of his career's most pivotal points. Not only the video was fun to create, it eventually led to the emcee's first-ever rap beef.

Two days after the institution uploaded the video on YouTube, some Lick-Wilmerding students responded with a video of their own. But, instead of modeling it as a song of praise for their school, they created a diss track.

Solomon stated regarding the diss track of the opposing school, that it got very interesting for the reason that they wanted to make something that was very positive about their school. And the other school retaliated at them with a four-minute rap diss song that just attacked him.

The 18-year-old King Sol has been practicing the art of rapping since middle school. Solomon has made money on the side by writing tracks for people through the internet.

On the other hand, despite the Tufts University will be having an aspiring rapper, the university's baseball team lost against coach Jamie Shevchik's Keystone College baseball team. The Keystone College took home the 7-5 victory, WC Examiner reported.

And Coach Shevchik was honored as Coach of the Year at the ABCA/Diamond Mid-Atlantic Region.

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