Tufts University Men’s Lacrosse team Visits a Child with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia; The Top Rank List for Men’s Lacrosse Colleges


The 9 year old Jacob Teel was a bit overwhelmed when the Men's Lacrosse team of the Tufts University stopped by at Nick's House in Holmes.

The Tufts University Men's Lacrosse team was in the area to take part in the Division III NCAA Championship game at Lincoln Financial Field.

Jacob, who likes baseball than Lacrosse, wasn't ready to pick up the lacrosse stick, but after the 9 year old boy threw the ball to Tufts team player, Raul Mendy, Jacob got the hang of the game.

Then, Mendy took his hat off and gave it to Jacob and told the boy to wear it when he comes out to watch the game so it will keep the sun off him, according to Delco News Network.

Mike Daly, the head coach of the Tufts University Men's Lacrosse team, hit on his Twitter account and posted, the Tufts Men's Lacrosse team took some time at Nick's House in Holmes, PA.

The 9 year old Teel is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - a type of cancer in which the bone marrow makes too many immature lymphocytes. Jacob and his family came all the way from Arkansas to seek medical care at Children's Hospital.

Jacob, along with his mother and Monica are being hosted by the charitable non-profit organization HEADstrong Foundation for three weeks as they go through treatment. Monica, a teacher who quit her job for T-cell transplant procedure so that Jacob will win his battle with cancer.

Jacob was diagnosed when he was three years old. The boy then suffered deterioration after a period of improvement in July, 2015.

On other news, the top rank list for men's lacrosse colleges has been given - with the account of the team's athletic success, as well as the academic progress of the student-athletes and the quality of the school.

The top ranking men's lacrosse teams includes Syracuse University, University of Denver, Duke University, University of Notre Dame, University of Virginia. Unfortunately, the Tufts University did not even make it on the top ten, USA Today College reported.

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