Charter Schools Discipline Policy Needs A Major Overhaul In Order To Curb High Suspension Numbers!


U.S. Education Secretary John King believes its time for charter school leaders to hash over their discipline policies and think about whether these strategies are really helping the students.

Charter schools have recently come under fire citing their high suspension rates and King thinks these schools should completely revamp their school disciplinary practices, ChalkBeat reported.

His speech cantered on a long time coming movement - the reconsideration of the "no excuses" discipline that has exemplified United State's highest-profile charter schools.

In reconsidering discipline, charters too have the chance to lead the way on equity, King noted in his speech (via U.S. Department of Education).

More often than not, students who end up been suspended and expelled are the students that hardly pass.

As a co-founder of a leading Boston charter schools Roxbury Prep, King himself established a school that revolved on no-excuse ideas.

He noted that his school was determined to ensure that students stuck to its uniform policy along with a slew of other rules in a bid to create a well-balanced learning environment and to train the students for professional success.

King, who assisted in leading the Uncommon Schools charter network, warned the charter school leaders that they will be held responsible so they should rather learn their lesson with him than in the world when they will have to deal with how the world treats that.

At several charter schools, these strict disciplines also lead to high suspension numbers. In a bid to curb these suspensions, several charter schools in New York have introduced changes.

Citing the benefit of what they've learned over the last 20 years, the leaders of Uncommon are aptly reconsidering discipline, King noted.

Schools in that network now opt more often for support groups for students, mentoring and counselling but this move should've come a lot earlier, he added.

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