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4th Of July Holiday Food Safety: FDA’s Shortlist To Avoid Food-Borne Contamination During Your Summer Picnic


FDA 4th of July Holiday Food Safety will provides dozens of resources to parents and families even for cooks and chefs this holiday. Especially sorted to fit 4th of Jult preparations, this food safety guide outlines health risks that some foods may have.

For examples, your preferred dishes for 4th of July may be specialty foods that belongs to different categories like shells (oysters, mussels, etc), dairy, raw meats and fishes, nuts and even mail-order fruits. All food types under this category may cause allergic reactions written in Holiday Food Safety. Most of them are more susceptible to contamination while raw or slightly cooked eggs, dairy and shellfish/fish are particularly prone to foodborne illness.

If your 4th of July holiday will be celebrated at a summer picnic, cookout party or BBQ, Holiday Food Safety gives trick in keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold, Examiner wrote. This prevents spoilage, food-borne contamination and insect contamination.

For Hot Foods

Electric warmers helps. Since summer is more dangerous for foodborne illness than winter, there must be good food storage on your 4th of July summer picnic, cookout party and outdoor BBQ.

For Foods Cold

Choosing electric coolers over ice chests maintains cold temps better. Ice chests are considerably less sanitary. Foods using eggs, dairy or mayonnaise should not be left under the sun longer than about 15 minutes. Serve deviled eggs, potato salads and coleslaw instantly then return to cooler.

Holiday Food Safety Success Kit

FDA-approved Holiday Food Safety Success Kit contains helpful cooking and food preparation videos and are available in Spanish and English. It features food safety tips. Videos is focused on cooking holiday dishes and summer picnic food safety, like the 4th of July. They highlight cooking to proper internal temperatures, surfaces and hands between preparations, keeping foods fresh by refrigerating prompt, washing and dodging cross-contamination by sanitizing exteriors. Additionally, as it is difficult when grilling food to correct internal temps, grill specific food safety tips are also provided.

A safe and healthy 4th of July be with you all. Happy holidays!

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