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Best Pro Tablet Of 2016: iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface, Google Pixel C; Which One Suits The Average Consumer?


The iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface, and Google Pixel C are the frontrunners in the tablet market this summer. The three pro tablets battle it out to decide a winner among consumers.

Analysts predict that despite the recent slump in sales in the tablet market, the three pro tablets could boost the category altogether. Tablets still prove to be a big market, as consumers still continue to purchase such devices, Forbes reported.

There has been a recent trend of professional tablets embracing the hybrid departed. These devices feature the convenience of a mobile tablet, with the power of an adequate laptop, now added to the list of features is the detachable keyboard.

Three influential tech companies battle it out for the summer sales, and it's looking to be a tight quarter. Apple boasts its professional tablet in its announcement with the iPad Pro.

The professional hybrid from the California-based company has a 12.9-inch screen, as well as a 9.7-inch option. Prices start at $799 for the biggest iPad Pro, while the smaller version starts at $599. Both detachable keyboards are sold separately, according to Engadget.

It features the expected sleek design from Apple, but quite distances it from the regular iPad, and closely follows the laptop market in terms of specs, as of which a 12-inch MacBook is closely as fast as an iPad Pro.

Microsoft has the Surface and the Surface Book, which critics claim that started the detachable hybrid trend. The powerful hybrid also rivals the specs of a laptop, which the company states in its tagline that it could well be a replacement of the consumer's laptop, CNET reported.

All versions of the pro-tablet run Windows 10, and features the newest Intel processor. The possible downside is that prices start at $1,499.

Next comes Google's Pixel C, which features a powerful Nvidia Tegra X1 processor. This results in a smooth high-resolution display, which critics say that it is up to par with Apple's design. Google's pro tablet starts at the price point of $499.

All these aptly named pro-tablets bear the name because the internal components says it all. Consumer's would likely have a hard time comparing these specs, which would likely mean that the price would play a significant role.

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