Dr. Lubna Nadvi: South Africans Need To Be Unified


South African needed to be unified into a single identity that does not rely on any racial or tribal identity, said an academic.

Dr. Lubna Nadvi, a political science and international relations lecturer in KwaZulu Natal University said that many South Africans have been damaged psychologically by segregation laws and systems that made them run to an 'in-group' or 'out-group' mentality even until now, News24 reported.

Nadvi remarked that these tribal identity was linked to the acquisition of political and economic power. Furthermore, Nadvi said that come South Africans still thought within the racial, tribal, and ethnic category and identity.

Another issue pointed out by the academic is the contestation over scarce resources. People tend to align themselves to groups where there is access to resources. And these groups are constructed through tribal identities.

Dr. Nadvi's statement was based on the remarks given by a taxi driver with regards to the protests in Tshwane. The prostest followed after ANC decided to name Thoko Didiza as its mayoral candidate in the municipal elections.

The unnamed taxi driver said that ANC cannot bring someone from KwaZulu-Natal, a Zulu, to rule  Pedis, Xitsongas and TshiVendas. He added that Didiza should go back to KwaZulu-Natal.

In line with this, the ANC said that their intervention was not imposed by the NEC and that they have consulted with the National Executive Committee (NEC) and also the Provincial Executive council (PEC) before making their move. They even have alternative names of other ideal candidate that would not cause more problems. However, the decision was unanimous and Thokop Didiza will be the best leader to move the city forward, said Gauteng Premier David Makhura,Times Live reported.

The root of the protest was the announcement that Thoko Didiza will be ANC's mayoral candidate. Moreover, the protest caused the city to be  inaccessible due to road closures, shop lootings and burning of vehicles.However, Didiza said that the ruling party is now talking with members of the community who weren't satisfied with her candidacy.

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