Hungry and Homeless: Large Number Of California State University Found To Be Lacking Of Food And Without A Home


A large number of California students are hungry while thousands of them are homeless.

A recent study result revealed that one out of five California State University are hungry eating only Ramen noodles and free pizza, do not know when the next meal will come and whom it will come from.

One out of 10 homeless is sleeping in cars and friends' houses making a total of 50,000 students from the total of 460,000 CSU enrolees.

The result was presented on Monday by Tim White, CSU Chancellor who initiated the research on food and home constraint among students in February 2015. Among those questioned during the research were the school staffs and faculties along with the students.

According to the answers given, the students believe that some campus personnel did not clearly understand their situation while some of them do not even have any idea of the kind of the assistance the school may provide them.

On the other hand, some of the staffs interviewed stated that they did not fully publicize their outreach and promotion to avoid the possibility of failure to meet the need due to limited resources.

Another staff revealed that they had to make their programs as "best-kept secret" in order to properly disseminate the resources based on the severity of constraint.

Nikki, one of the homeless students recalled how one campus residential staff refused her stay in the dorms due to financial lack telling her that of she will be allowed to stay then the dorm will have to allow everybody, Yahoo reported.

To somehow resolve the problem, 11 from 23 CSU campuses set up pantries and organized programs to provide assistance to hungry students who cannot provide for their meals.

One of them was called "Feed a Need," a program wherein residential students donate one meal to anyone on campus who are in need of food.

Fresno State developed an app sending push notifications to students whenever there are leftover catered foods after an event. They give the exact location for the students to easily find the place. They do not just help the hungry students; they also lower a number of food wastes.

California State University assured that they will continue the study to properly address the issue and assist the homeless and hungry students, The Huffington Post reported.

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