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Jun 22, 2016 10:52 AM EDT

Professional Fitness Trainer’s Arm Workout This Summer


It's better to collaborate with the best professional workout trainer, and fortunately, Dara Theodore tip over a few of her best-kept strength secrets.

The Daily Burn 365 trainer stated that the best way for a person to work on their arms is, when performing push-ups, the whole body of the person should be working from the arms down to legs, but the focus is on upper body. However, if that person is doing it properly, their core, glutes and legs will get a workout as well, Huffington Post reported.

As a result of performing the proper push-up, people will have more definition, greater strength, and if that person keeps at it, a higher percentage of lean muscle mass will be achievable.

Theodore stated that in keeping a strong upper body, it has not only makes the necessary activities easier, it also ensures that people are doing it properly.

Dara recommends that people should take a video of themselves while they do the 15-minute arm workout, in that way, people will have a great opportunity for self-critique and progress.

Here are the best ways of doing an arm workout:

1. Narrow Grip Push-Up - or better known as the tricep push-up, the objective of this move is in the person's triceps, shoulders, chest and core.

2. Renegade Row - in doing this, a person can channel their inner strength. People must hold a high plank, keep their shoulders in line with one another, and the rib cage will be grazed by the elbow as it moves toward the ceiling.

3. Prone Y and T - If a person has a tendency to leave their backside high and dry, this move had them covered.

4. Side Lying Tricep Press - The person's triceps, biceps and obliques will be toned by this side-lying push-up. But, make sure to press firmly into the floor.

5. Half Get-Up - this move will definitely make a person feel strong.

However, Hannah Davis, New York City personal trainer, stated that if a person is doing a complex move, it recruits more muscle fibers and works the person's upper body to total fatigue, Womens Health Mag reported.

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