‘Skyrim’, ‘Fallout 4’ Mods Hold Nexus Mod Owner Security Amid Apathetic Bethesda; Fallout 4 Mods Now Requires Steam-Linked Accounts


Amid silence and inaction from Bethesda, modders are not keeping their calm in the closet as unauthorized uploading generates massive stealing of "Skyrim" and "Fallout 4" mods.

Nexus Mods Owner Robin Scott (Dark0ne) called out Bethesda for its apathetic reaction to mod thieves stealing his users' mods by uploading them to another publisher sites. In april, and the Creation Kit were released by the "Skyrim" and Fallout developer allowing modders to access and make user-created content easier to apply. A month later, mods uploaded to the browser on are now warranted to be installed on Xbox One. This creates an ecosystem outside of the existing PC mod community which Dark0ne had been observing for in the past 14 years, PC Games N reported.

This "Skyrim" and Fallout mod stealing crushes the soul of mod authors. To witness their hard work being taken without proper permission by people who are actually explicitly goading, mocking and trolling the mod authors with theft and Bethesda has nothing done about it, Dark0ne added.

Nexus Mods's moderation team has already removed a mod which contained the entirety of "Fallout 4"'s newest DLC Far Harbor a week before its official release, PC Games N added. According to Dark0ne it has been done at around 3AM on a weekend, eight hours before Grandstaff get in touch him.

They have taken action instead of waiting for Bethesda's action to perk up their response times to reported stolen mods or apply an effective moderation strategy, Dark0ne has decided to insert an additional permissions system to his Nexus Mods site to easily detect stolen mods.

Meanwhile, a Steam-linked account with Bethesda is now required in uploading a "Fallout 4" mod to This extra step is meant to thwart the unauthorized uploading of PC modders' work for usage on consoles. As Bethesda Game Studios sets up the PlayStation 4 for the PC mod support similar tp Xbox One's, it has made the change with the latest title update to "Fallout 4" during the past week, Game Informer reported.

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