'Black Students More Suspensions, Less Privileges' US Education Department Says


Black students show a higher number of class suspensions and a lesser amount of privileges than the white ones according to the result of the most recent study released by the US Education Department.

The title of the report released by the Education Department was the "Civil Rights Data Collection".

The study was conducted on 50 million students from 95,000 schools during the school year 2013-2014. The subjects consisted mixed population of white and black students.

Out of the 50 million students, 6.5 million committed the chronic absenteeism, failure to come to class for more than 15 days.

Pre-school black students' suspensions were 3.6 times higher than those of the white students. While a higher amount 3.8 class suspensions were given to black kids in Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Suspensions and absenteeism highly affect student's performances as it may result in them falling behind the lessons and eventually lead them to drop out from class.

In the implementation of school rules, the presence of a counsellor where there is law enforcement is very important.

Black students are more likely to be among the 1.6 million students enrolled in schools where there is law enforcement but the lack of counsellors.

In secondary school, black students tend to be arrested by an officer 2.3 times more often than their white counterpart.

The study also proved that black students do not only receive more suspension, they also receive a lesser amount of privileges.

In schools where 20 percent of the teachers are under qualified with reference to the state license, the majority of the 800,000 enrollees are black students, CNN reported.

But, students enrolled in schools with a higher population of white students received physics, chemistry, algebra II and calculus. This comes in comparison to schools with a higher population of black students.

Liz King, director of education policy said that the result of the study is disturbing. The education officials believe that the best way to predict students' success is their presence in school, Fredonia Leader reported.

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