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E3 2016: New 'God of War' Coming To PS4; Sony Hints Release Date May Come Soon


Sony had announced that a new "God of War" is coming soon to the PlayStation 4, but would not carry the title "God of War 4".

The third-person action-adventure series was first launched in 2005, and Sony had revealed that the latest of the series is coming soon, albeit no specific release date has been stated, according to the PlayStation blog post.

The latest of the series will be released on the PS4, but the studios have opted to drop the "4," and had decided to go simply with "God of War".

Corey Barlog, creative director at Sony, had stated the latest installment of the series would still be a continuation of the game's storyline, and it is not a reboot. The studios have decided to continue the storyline, which now apparently features Kratos' son, PC Advisor reported.

Balrog revealed that Kratos would still be the main character of the story, rather than his offspring, but the creative director at Sony teases that Kratos' son would have a significant role to the story, as well as its gameplay.

Balrog stated that the fans would play as Kratos, along with his son, with a button on the PS4 controller dedicated to "interact" with Kratos' son as part of the gameplay.

Developers have released a first glimpse of the game from the well-known raging Kratos, to a now-caring father as the video features Kratos bringing his son out on a deer hunt; but all not without the recognizable action, according to The Verge.

Sony have yet to officially announce the release date of the new "God of War" game, but Balrog stated that development is ongoing, and as the gameplay trailer have shown, it may be on the final stages of development. This would likely assure its fans that a Sony may finally have a date soon.

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