Baylor University Sexual Assault Update: Three More Women Sue School For Failure To Help Them


With Baylor University still fighting off a civil rights suit for allegedly mishandling a rape case, three women filed another case against the school after purportedly failed to assist them when they were sexually assaulted in separate incidents.

Three "Jane Does" filed the lawsuit against the Waco, Texas-based Baptist school after school officials allegedly did nothing to help them identify their attackers who sexually assaulted on campus in 2004, 2013 and 2014, Dallas Morning News Reported.

The lawsuit accused the school of breaking federal anti-discrimination laws and "furthered sexual harassment and a hostile environment" when it did not investigate the incidents or assist the victims.

All of the victims state they have suffered severe physical, emotional and mental trauma due to the attacks.

While the school has declined to respond to the latest lawsuit due to the nature of the case, it announced that it was beefing up its counseling centers and anti-sexual harassment programs. It also promised more programs to teach students and faculty members how to report sexual assault cases, Jezebel reported.

Baylor spokesperson Tonya Lewis also commended the three women for coming out and telling their stories. She added the university is already in the process of strengthening its anti-sexual assault measure in order "to provide a safe and supportive environment for students and faculty."

The school is currently trying to settle another lawsuit filed by Jasmin Hernandez, a student who was raped by former football player Tevin Elliot in 2012. He is now serving a 20-year sentence.

Baylor University has been under fire especially after an investigation revealed it botched several sexual assault cases involving its students. The fallout has resulted in university president and chancellor Ken Starr's demotion and the firing of erstwhile head football coach Art Briles.

Experts are warning that Baylor University will face a possible string of lawsuits and penalties as more reports of sexual assault cases crop up.

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