‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Release Date, Update, Trailer: Square Enix Ditches ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ E3 Release; Reveals New HD 2.8 Gameplay [VIDEO]

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Square Enix teases "Kingdom Hearts 3" Release Date in advance through "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 trailer." This overblown trailer from the "Kingdom Heart" games has just ended the speculations regarding its version 3 announcement at the E3.

As per the trailer, is ha been a bag of mixed emotions. First of the third, it was the most melodramatic with its awkward lines of "Dream Pop Distance" for utmost "Kingdom Hearts" appeal. The second third focused on Aqua's new quest in Fragmentary Passage that actually looks smooth with all the magic stuff she does and the broken road to the castle, AppTrigger reported. It was also featured in the HD compilation and includes next-generation graphics.

The final third, its Back Cover would probably be fine as a cinematic experience compared with "Kingdom Hearts Unchained X." In case, gamers encounter difficulties in understanding the gameplay, it is advised to go down the history and even put in a significant amount of gameplay hours to truly start hearing about what is going on with the animal mask guys, AppTrigger added. The brand-new storyline will give players a preview of the upcoming events of the greatly anticipated "Kingdom Hearts 3."

"Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8" is the ultimate effort to bring all the Kingdom Hearts games onto one consolidated family of consoles. This has been highly anticipated despite the devoid of having them all on a single console since it took Square Enix to make these efforts. Most notably, the first collection was on the PS3. That why it is hard to bridge the enormous gap between actual numbered titles.

Going back to previous reports, "Kingdom Hearts 3," however, will be available next winter. As for It sounds like "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8" will be the only one at E3. For now, 2.8 version drops worldwide in December 2016 on the PlayStation 4, Techno Buffalo reported.


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