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'Destiny: Rise Of Iron' Revealed As An PS4 and Xbox One Exclusive; Debuting September 20


Bungie accidentally spilled the beans about Destiny's upcoming expansion, "Rise of Iron" a few days ago when the fan-favorite game's website updated a bit early; hinting the expansion will leave out PS3 and Xbox 360 and launch specifically on PS4 and Xbox One. The leak also confirmed September 20 as the expansion's release date.

The new expansion dubbed "Rise of Iron" is in the same line as 2015's massively hit expansion, "The Taken King." The new expansion will reportedly add a new zone to "Destiny" including Plaguelands, which is covered with frost, and a new endgame raid, in addition to new story mission, a dungeons-like "Strike" mission involving three players, and a clan of new enemies that is a reminiscence of the Fallen. In addition, there will also be the expected advancement for an expansion like this one including a higher level cap, new gear and weapon et cetera, Wired reported.

What New Does "Destiny: Rise Of Iron" Has In Store For The Player?

Guardians must toil to grab their spot as the Iron Lords of the new generation. They will eventually collaborate with a legend from humanity's Golden Age and finally lock horns with a plague of rebellious evil. The game boasts a slew of new content encompassing brand-new setting on Earth dubbed "The Plaguelands," an all-new six-player Raid, an all-new social place that keeps an eye on "The Plaguelands," Felwinter Peak, more quests, gears, weapons, multiplayer mode and maps and a lot more.

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg noted that the team behind the game in collaboration with their partners at Bungie have been toiling and planning brand-new content for Destiny's super-colossal fan base.

"Destiny: Rise of Iron" marks the developer's first stride towards fulfilling that promise, Hirshberg said.

The new expansion packs an array of content including new Raid, Strike, coupled with more quests, gear, weapons and more, basically everything players would simply love, Hirshberg added.

In addition, there will be timed PlayStation-exclusive content accessible at the time of launch for the new expansion, PlayStationLifestyle reported.

Although Bungie's move to skip the PS3 and Xbox 360 may dash hopes of gamers who bought "Destiny" on last gen hardware, it makes a lot of sense.

No doubt, the support Bungie provided to the older consoles was commendable, but it was an obstruction for the game in some ways, and with more and more updates landing all the time, it must have become quite challenging to continue running everything on an out-of-date hardware.

Do you think "Destiny: Rise of Iron" will be the next big expansion for the game? Share your thoughts in comments below!

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