'Fallout 4' Far Harbor Expansion Re-Released On PlayStation 4; Performance-Related Issues Fixed?

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In a bid to address performance-related issues, the team behind "Fallout 4" released a revised version of the popular action role-playing game's new Far Harbor expansion on PS4.

Far Harbor expansion debuted last week and since then Far Harbor players on PlayStation 4 have reported feeble frame rate. On analyzing, Eurogamer's Digital Foundry discovered that the PS4 edition of Far Harbor operates at a baseline of 20 fps (frames per second) in outdoor areas. This is due to the fog effect in the Far Harbor area - and this coupled with dips as low as 15 fps.

The expansion reportedly runs smoother at 20 to 30 fps on Xbox One.

Rather than issuing a patch, Bethesda opted to re-release Far Harbor on PlayStation 4, as issuing a patch would have probably taken more time. In order to access the updated version of Far Harbor expansion, Bethesda shared instructions for the players to follow - Here are the steps:

1) Ensure the game is not running and then highlight "Fallout 4" in your PlayStation 4 dashboard. Once that's done, press "Options" and then select Close Application to make sure the game is not running even in a minimized mode.

2) In the PS4 dashboard, right under the "Fallout 4" icon, click on Related Items.

3) Now, select the option that reads My Add-Ons

4) Maneuver to the download arrow that is located just next to Far Harbor and then select it.

5) A notice indication "Far Harbor" has been added to downloads will pop up.

6) Allow the downloading and then installation process to complete and then start "Fallout 4."

The aforementioned steps should install the updated version of the expansion, but if it doesn't you'll need to delete "Fallout 4" along with all its add-on content from PlayStation 4, and reinstall the game and its content all over again.

New reports have recently surfaced indicating that the DLC's frame rate is now back to an impressive 30 fps, as players would expect. VG247 reported.

The achieve the desired effect, the team behind the game had to amend volumetric fog, which actually seemed more like a blessing in disguise for players who found the effect rather aggravating.

Have you downloaded and installed the rejuvenated Far Harbor expansion on your PS4? Share your experience in the comments below!

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